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Quality handmade, bespoke dog scarf made with Abraham Moon, Shetland Wool and a beautiful soft cotton lining.


Abraham Moon Purple and Grey Flower.


Small: Total length of 26cm and a width of 21cm, and a centre depth of 10cm.

Medium: Total length of 35cm and a width of 27cm, and a centre depth of 13cm.

Large: Total length of 42cm and a width of 38cm, and a centre depth of 16cm.


Small: £7

Medium: £9

Large: £12

Dog Scarf Purple

  • 1. Handwash your garment, very gently using a trusted digertent (specifically for wool if possible) in a basin of warm water.

    2. Rinse carefully and sqeeze as much water as you can from the garment, but do not twist or ring it. 

    3. Place the scraf on towel and let it dry in a cool place until completely dry - avoid heat or strong sunlight.

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